Catharina and Henrik Westermark: “Bioreactors are very reliable, and they achieve a good treatment result”

Catharina and Henrik Westermark live in Southern Sipoo, right at the shore of Suomenlahti. Catharina’s and Henrik’s house, as well as their daughter’s house, are located in the same yard area in a sparsely populated area, which the municipal water supply network does not reach. They use Jätevesiliike Vestelli’s Bioreactors for treating greywater.

Catharina and Henrik are now retired, but both of them are qualified biologists. They moved to their current residence in Southern Sipoo in 1977. Catharina’s grandparents had previously, since the 1920s, held a small commercial garden in the yard area. The plot’s borders reach all the way to Suomenlahti.


Markku Vuorenpää: “Vestelli is a technically good solution and almost eternal”

Markku Vuorenpää lives with his family in Säkylä at the shore of Pyhäjärvi. The detached house, which was built in 1987, is located in a shoreline area that is subject to a high level of wastewater treatment requirements. Vestelli’s Bioreactor, which meets the strict requirements, has been installed in the yard area’s underground cellar and carries out the processing of greywater as part of double drainage.


The operating principle of the Bioreactor is simple

The Bioreactor is a continuously operating greywater bioreactor, and its operating principle is simple. Its operation is based on the aeration of wastewater, which is made efficient by means of biological treatment. The biological layer that is accumulated at the surface of the biomodules enhances the treatment of nutrients in the wastewater.