Flawless design and simple installation

The Bioreactor has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of its intended use. Installation is extremely easy, you cannot fail! You do not need to consider the soil quality, plot size, sufficiency of height differences, pump stations, etc.

The Bioreactor only requires an area of 1.5 x 1.5 metres. The height difference between the inlet and outlet sewer is only 5 cm.

Installation in a few hours without anchoring

The installation costs of the Bioreactor are minimal. The Bioreactor does not require a large drain field, tank or anchoring. In fact, the 1200-kg tank anchors itself better than anchoring plates or materials made at construction sites.

The tank is installed underground to a required depth. Then the plastic upper part can be lifted in to place. Only a neat cover will remain in sight.

The Bioreactor is suitable for winter use without any additional equipment

At the installation phase, frost insulation (e.g. Finnfoam) is installed in the Bioreactor against the installation platform reserved for it, and in this way a seamless insulation structure is formed. You do not need to do anything else and you will achieve tested care-free winter use – even in extreme conditions.

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