Operating and life cycle costs remain extremely affordable

The only operating and maintenance costs are caused by the emptying of sludge that is carried out once a year, as well as the blower that consumes approx. 4€/month of electricity.

The Bioreactor does not require a drain field, so you will save on major excavation work already at the installation phase. In the future, you will make significant savings, because any possible maintenance procedures can be carried out in the tank, under the cover – without an excavator.

The Bioreactor’s structure consists of a seamless concrete frame, the inside of the tank is made of strong PVC and PE plastic, and the metal components are made of acid-resistant steel. The only replaceable component is a high-quality blower. The service life of the blower is approximately 5 years and its spare part cost is 200€. The replacement of the blower can be completed in 5 minutes without the need of a technician.