Esa Matikainen: “I chose the Bioreactor because it is easy to install and care for”

Esa Matikainen has three summer cottages in Siuro, Nokia. The cottages are located at the shore of Piikkilänjärvi, and the area has a strict shoreline detailed plan. The shoreline detailed plan also sets its own requirements for the wastewater system. Two Bioreactor 3s from Jätevesiliike Vestelli handle the treatment of the cottages’ greywater.

The cottages located at Siuro’s Leukaluut were built in 1962, 1963 and 2017. The treatment of the summer cottages’ greywater is regulated by the area’s shoreline detailed plan, due to which all the cottages’ wastewater systems have had to be replaced to fulfil the new shoreline detailed plan.

– The shoreline detailed plan set strict regulations, emphasises Esa.

“As a company, Vestelli assured that issues are immediately handled”

Jätevesiliike Vestelli became familiar to Esa online, while he was searching through the various treatment plants available on the market. An important factor in choosing the treatment plant was that it did not require chemicals or a drainage field. The implementation of a drainage field was not in any way possible due to the size of the plot.

– I acquired the first Bioreactor from Vestelli in 2015. I chose the Bioreactor because it is easy to install and maintain. According to tests, the device was also the best treatment plant on the market, tells Esa.

– As a company, Vestelli provided assurance as issues were handled immediately. My first phone call and email were both replied to instantly. The customer service was extremely friendly and nice, Esa says with gratitude.

Equipment that is easy to maintain is effortless

There are now two Bioreactors on the plot. The Bioreactor treats the greywater, in other words, all other water from the cottages, except for the toilet water: The process involves the treatment and oxidation of the water, before it is released in to a stone pit.

– Delivery took place within two days of the order. Installation was successful, and we didn’t come across any challenges. It took about four hours before everything was ready, summarises Esa.

– The equipment has worked perfectly. We have emptied the Bioreactors approximately twice a year, and they don’t require any other maintenance. There have been no problems. I can warmly recommend both Vestelli and their products, he adds.