Markku Vuorenpää: “Vestelli is a technically good solution and almost eternal”

Markku Vuorenpää lives with his family in Säkylä at the shore of Pyhäjärvi. The detached house, which was built in 1987, is located in a shoreline area that is subject to a high level of wastewater treatment requirements. Vestelli’s Bioreactor, which meets the strict requirements, has been installed in the yard area’s underground cellar and carries out the processing of greywater as part of double drainage.

Markku’s and his family’s house is located in an area, where the groundwater surface level is high. Releasing wastewater in to the environment is prohibited and the wastewater treatment is subject to strict regulations. To achieve the highest possible treatment level, Markku decided to acquire Vestelli’s Bioreactor, which simultaneously replaced the previous field solution.


  Here we have the strictest treatment requirements in Finland, emphasises Markku.

Clear water as a result of the chemical-free treatment process

Markku’s and his family’s home is a fully-equipped detached house with a washing machine and shower. At least two people live in the house all year round. The Bioreactor works as part of the double drainage which is essential in the shoreline area.

– The Bioreactor oxidises the water and bacteria completes the treatment process. Afterwards, the water is clear. The Bioreactor does not need additives or chemicals, and it is easy to maintain, says Markku.